All Masjid Ramadan Qiyam

The "All Masjid Ramadan" Qiyams started in 2003 as an effort to bring together all of the masajid in Southern California for a night of reflections, prayers and remembrance. Taking place on the first weekend of every Ramadan at the largest masjid in Southern California (ISOC) for the past 10 years, the qiyam brings together youth to jump start their Ramadan together in the remembrance of Allah (swt). Over the past few years, alhamdulilah, the qiyam attendees expanded to include young and old alike. Over the years, attendees have come from LA to San Diego and even as far as Arizona.

The All Masjid Ramadan Qiyam hosted numerous speakers over the years including Dr. Muzammil Siddiqi, Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Sheikh AbdelJalil Mezgouri, Sheikh Suhaib Webb, Sheikh Allaedin AlBakri, Sheikh AbdelNasjir Jangda, Sheikh Mohammed Faqih, Sheikh Yassir Fazaga, Sheikh Suhail Mullah, Dr. Mohammed Allali, Sheikh Jamaal Diwan, Sheikha Muslema Purmul, and many others.

Below are details for the upcoming qiyam on June 11th, 2016.