What is MAS?

MAS Story

We focus on personal development of individuals through a comprehensive Islamic educational curriculum, and promote active involvement in communities by providing opportunities for community service, interfaith initiatives, youth programs, and civic engagement. 

MAS members are nurtured, so they can nurture others. This is how we can have a bigger impact for a just and virtuous society.


A vibrant American Muslim community striving for a just and virtuous society. MAS advocates for the idea that Islam is a faith and a movement for change.

Sustaining a movement requires mentoring and nurturing future leaders while working together hand in hand — these are the building blocks of MAS work. Over the years, MAS has mentored and developed hundreds of Muslim activists who have been at the forefront of the community. The MAS network is a cornerstone of Islamic work and has given birth to many organizations and initiatives.


Our mission is to move people and nurture lifelong, God-centered agents of change.

MAS is one of the major grassroots Muslim organizations, driven by members and volunteers across America. MAS work takes place in youth spaces, Islamic centers, meeting halls, and homes of your community, a steady hum of behind-the-scenes development and volunteer empowerment. You may experience MAS  GLA in one of our programs: A youth activity, a family camp, a Qiam at your Masjid, a regional Halaqa, a youth camp, a social justice campaign or  in our convention.